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Ford's ads diss ''You've Got Mail'' to sell trucks

”Mail”’s alpha male, Tom Hanks, responds

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Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, ...
You've Got Mail: Brian Hamill

Is Detroit calling Tom Hanks a wimp? A new Ford truck ad (with the tag ”Built Ford Tough”) implies that no macho man would ever watch ”You’ve Got Mail,” his 1998 romance with Meg Ryan. ”I’ve seen ‘You’ve Got Mail’ and enjoyed it,” says Ford marketing manager Lew Echlin. ”However, the truck owner in the ad apparently has too much work on his hands for such pursuits.” But at least one ”Mail” man is worked up about it. ”You know what?” Hanks told EW. ”I could kick the butts of all those guys driving their trucks. Come by me, man, and I’ll tear you apart. And you know what? I’ve only got one good shoulder.” Echlin’s official response to the ”Cast Away” star: ”I have two words for Tom: ‘Bosom Buddies’ — not exactly the essence of toughness.”