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EW?s alternative nominations for 2000

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EW?s alternative nominations for 2000

Second Most Surprising Duo
Jerry Seinfeld and Julia Louis-Dreyfus singing ”Sixteen Going on Seventeen” on Late Show

Most Surprising Duo
V.I.P. star Pamela Anderson’s suddenly reduced breasts

Best Use Of Child Labor
The boys on Malcolm in the Middle

Worst Use Of Child Labor
Fox’s Battle of the Child Geniuses

Second Most Creative Killing
The Sopranos‘ boat-based execution of Big Pussy

Most Creative Killing
Maude Flanders’ death by cannon-shot Nascar T-shirt on The Simpsons

The Martin Lawrence Award For Celebrity Meltdown
Jason Priestley, for his bleary-eyed, barely coherent anti-media rant on the Fox News Channel

The Number’s Up Award
Beverly Hills, 90210; Party of Five; and 7th Heaven: Beginnings

Second Most Revolting Poultry-Related TV Event
The puke-inducing egg-eating contest on Jackass

Most Revolting Poultry-Related TV Event
Anything having to do with George the Chicken Man on Big Brother