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Oscar's New Gold Diggers

”Almost Famous”’s Kate Hudson, ”Billy Elliot”’s Jamie Bell, and other young actors are up for their first chance at an Academy Award

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Every year, it seems like there are a few Oscar slots for young unknowns alongside the Meryl Streeps and Tom Hankses. ”The (Academy) likes to reward actors who are just starting out,” notes Oscar campaigner Michele Robertson. Since Pay It Forward isn’t likely to pay off for last year’s pint-size nominee Haley Joel Osment, here’s a peek at 2000’s crop of upstarts.

JAMIE BELL (Billy Elliot)
WHY OSCAR MAY NOD This 14-year-old British charmer can dance! And he kicks up tears in this two-hankie indie hit.
WHY OSCAR MAY SHRUG Some critics label Billy manipulative. Plus, it’s harder for a youth to make a plea — or plié — for Best Actor.

KATE HUDSON (Almost Famous)
WHY OSCAR MAY NOD With her angelic turn as Uber-groupie Penny Lane, the 21-year-old finally frees herself from the Daughter of Goldie Hawn Syndrome.
WHY OSCAR MAY SHRUG Cameron Crowe’s movie lost momentum faster than Al Gore.

ROB BROWN (Finding Forrester)
WHY OSCAR MAY NOD Recruited at an open casting call, the Harlem-born athlete and acting novice holds his own with Sean Connery.
WHY OSCAR MAY SHRUG No slam dunk. Skeptics may argue the low-key 16-year-old is just playing himself.

WHY OSCAR MAY NOD The Irishman, 24, is like a youthful George Clooney spiked with Russell Crowe’s intensity.
WHY OSCAR MAY SHRUG Tiger-what? The Vietnam movie pleased critics, but lacked the 21-gun box office salute that grabs award notice.