Rebecca Ascher-Walsh
December 15, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

What’s the recipe for making a Charlie’s Angels sequel bigger than the original? Just add Angels. Director McG is hoping that this time the original TV gals will join Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore in the as-yet-unscheduled follow-up. ”I want to do a scene with all six of them,” says McG, ”[”with”] Farrah, Jaclyn, and Kate checking out Cameron, Lucy, and Drew.” None of the women has yet committed to the project. As for the return of Bill Murray, who was reported to have a less than heavenly time playing Bosley, ”He’s such a mystery,” says McG. ”He sort of surfaces whenever he wants to do this thing, but I certainly look forward to talking with him.”

What a fine time to be a screenwriter in Hollywood, what with the anticipated strike turning studio executives into compulsive shoppers. While Diablo, starring Vin Diesel (Pitch Black) as an undercover DEA operative, has only just begun production, New Line’s already ponied up $1.6 million to the screenwriters, Christian Gudegast and Paul Scheuring, for a sequel. Meanwhile, the pair — who also wrote the original script for Destination Films’ thriller Mexicali, which Bill Paxton is attached to — have just been hired by the Canton Company to rewrite a spy drama entitled The Apprentice, which is targeted to go prestrike. Says the team’s manager, J.C. Spink of Benderspink, ”They’re looking forward to the strike so they can take a vacation.” We feel their pain.

Additional reporting by William Keck

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