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Mel Gibson won't do ''Lethal Weapon 5'' anytime soon

Plus, the latest quotes from Helen Hunt, Jon Stewart, Conan O’Brien, and more

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Mel Gibson
Gibson: John Spellman/Retna

It’s been two years since ”Lethal Weapon 4,” but that isn’t a long enough rest from the series for Mel Gibson, whose turn as suicidal detective Martin Riggs in the 1987 original anointed him as a member of Hollywood’s coveted A list. The 44 year old actor, currently starring in the romantic comedy ”What Women Want” (opening Friday), says he isn’t ruling out another ”Lethal” appearance, but fans will have to be very, very patient. Read on for Gibson’s quote, plus the latest from Helen Hunt, the stars of ”Ed,” and two late night comics on the presidential election.

”Maybe it would be a good retirement thing. Do it in 20 years when we have hemorrhoids. That would be pretty funny, maybe.”
–MEL GIBSON explains why he won’t be filming ”Lethal Weapon 5” anytime soon

”You go to Woody Allen prison if you talk about one of his movies. I can tell you I’m in it, and he’s in it, and after that, I turn into a pumpkin.”
–”What Women Want” star HELEN HUNT on Woody Allen’s latest project, ”The Curse of the Jade Scorpion” (opening May 2001)

”You’re going to think I’m the biggest hick in the world, but when I get questions about the pressure and the stress and the burden, I feel none of that. The pressure comes from NOT getting the chance to do what you love every day.”
–”Ed”’s TOM CAVANAGH about how it feels to blossom from bit player to the star of his own primetime TV show

”I love coming in and doing short stints. I compare it to going to a party at someone else’s house. I’d guest anywhere. I’m like a TV hooker.”
–”Ed”’s JULIE BOWEN, discussing her previous guest gigs on such shows as ”ER” and ”Dawson’s Creek”

”The funniest thing about the election was the people who voted incorrectly. I’ve always found old people funny. I know that’s not politically correct. I don’t think there was anything funnier than the first day or two when old people were told they had been ‘disenfranchised’ — a word many of them had never heard before.”
–”Late Night” host CONAN O’BRIEN on the Florida election

”I love Fox News. They report, and the rest of us can suck it. It’s the most fair and balanced Republican network on the air.”
–”The Daily Show” anchor JON STEWART on cable competitor Fox News Channel’s right wing slant

”I don’t feel it’s an earthshaking event. There’s nothing that’s been changed by this. People are still having kids, making love, going on dates. I went to a movie last week, ‘Bounce.’ It was a fabulous movie. Everybody was worried about Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow. Nobody was worried about this.”
–MSNBC’s CHRIS MATTHEWS on why the election controversy is a non- event