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''Dark Angel'' websites

”Dark Angel” websites — A look at pages devoted to the Jessica Alba hit show

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”Dark Angel” websites

As the web turns, so does fans’ devotion to TV’s hyper-endowed heroines. La Femme Nikita might soon be gone, but her butt-kicking, conspiracy-busting, clingy-outfit-wearing ways live on in Fox TV’s Dark Angel — and like its spiritual predecessor, Dark Angel is already showing signs of life on the Net’s cult commodities market.

Barely two months into its broadcast existence, shrines to the series and its teen motor-cycle-riding babe, Max (Jessica Alba), are popping up on the Web faster than you can say ”leather bustier.” A select few have the brains and brawn (and, of course, the babeliciousness) to rival the bar-coded Max herself.

DARK ANGEL (darkangelthe series.com)
The show’s official Web presence is as deceptive as series villain Lydecker’s plans for the Project Manticore escapees. What at first appears to be a run-of-the-mill repository of show info masquerading as hipster design turns out to house an elaborately detailed Flash interactive section. Called the Eyes Only Informant Net, it’s a user-friendly mock-up of cyberjournalist Logan Cale’s computer files. As such, it provides plenty of background goodies on the Dark Angel universe, plus something all shows (or at least the ones with catchy scores) should offer: a jukebox of incidental music. A word of warning, though: If you don’t have Flash, skip the site entirelythe non-Flash version is too bare-bones to bother with. A-

DARK ANGEL‘S DEN (geocities.com/legend10013/dark angelp.htm)
No points for artistry, but this site makes up for it with hysterically bad entries from Max’s fictional diary. Chronicling her life in Seattle, they prove, if nothing else, that Max is in dire need of a course in proper grammar, sentence construction, and hyperbole (”I ran just in case they had any ideas of shooting me, I like cheese fine, just not swiss”). The Den also sports a gem of a FAQ — stocked with answers for that inevitable Jeopardy! category five years down the roadensuring that fans won’t hesitate to make this site a daily double. B

DARKANGELTV.COM (dark angeltv.com)
Billing itself as ”the original fansite dedicated to Fox’s Dark Angel” might be hubris when alleged by any other site, but DarkAngelTV.com’s claim is more than justified. Forget the other unofficial paeansthis one forces even the official site to take a backseat. Beyond the forward-thinking design, its real power lies in its extensive content: an active message board (hosted off-site at jessica-alba.com), fan art, even a glossary of series jargon. Once you’ve eyeballed those, check out the minutiae-soaked drinking game (two drinks: ”Max gets wet”) and see what obsession really is. A