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Anatomy of a Website

A look at Christina Aguilera’s christina-a.com

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It’s official: You cannot escape Christina Aguilera. Besides her countless MTV drop-ins, her new holiday CD (My Kind of Christmas), and her official website (christina-a. com), the heir to Britney’s throne knows how to rub fans the right way.

TALK SOUP At Rumor Mill, fans post questions like ”Is it true that Christina is a size 0?” and ”I heard she’s afraid of the dark. Is this true?”
WHAT WE LEARNED Christina is a size 2, and, yes, she sometimes sleeps with a night-light. The Fred Durst brouhaha is also explained, but we’ll let you dig up the dirt yourself.
BUY BUY BUY No self-respecting artiste launches a website without offering the goods. Just in time for holiday stocking-stuffing, the Christina Store shills genie-bottle pendants, singing Christina dolls, and a one-year fan-club membership for just $15.96. Now that’s one-stop shopping.
WRITE AWAY The press room has concert reviews, interviews, and articles.
WHAT’S MISSING Stories from major magazines, like Rolling Stone‘s scathing cover story from last July, or EW music critic David Browne’s tepid grade-C review of her Latin album Mi Reflejo.
GETTING CARDED Wanna snag a date with that hottie from the club? He’ll say yes if you send a digital greeting card (courtesy of egreetings.com) that has Christina belting out ”Ven Conmigo.”
INSTANT WINNER Christina’s accolades — including a statuette named Grammy — are documented in her Awards section.
ALL HER DOING The SNL on which she performed received an Emmy nod for Best Technical Direction, Camera-work, Video for a Series — and she takes the credit!