December 01, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Mail from our readers

Talk about a rocky romance! The status of onetime item Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow may be a hot topic (#568, Nov. 10), but there’s little love lost between them and EW readers. ”How many bombs is it going to take before you realize that Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Affleck don’t appeal to the public the way you think they do?” asks Ashley Spooner of Kansas City, Mo. And Eve Stahlberger of Brooklyn suggests that there are more important issues at hand than the Bounce costars’ relationship. ”In light of [violence] in Jerusalem, the election, and other daily concerns, I could really care less about whether Paltrow and Affleck are together or not.”

Out of Bounce
Your article on Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow (”Rubber the Right Way”) is a media match made in heaven. The fact that their on-screen and offscreen lives mirror each other is an especially convenient way to promote Bounce. I think the real question is ”Are they or aren’t they going to convince me to see their movie?”
Meta Puttkammer
Los Angeles

I argue with my roommate that EW is a smart and serious magazine about entertainment and not a cheap gossip rag. This week I stopped in disbelief over the phrase ”Are they or aren’t they?” on the cover of this magazine. You guys gotta be kidding me; I think the Enquirer actually has that phrase copyrighted. I never expected this magazine to invest more than a paragraph to trashy romantic hearsay, but now this is a cover story? Tell me more about how Chris Carter devised the new season of The X-Files and less about which celebrities are ”just friends.” I can only stand up for you guys for so long.
Seamus Phillips
Northampton, Mass.

Oh, boy! Ben and (yawn) Gwyn back together for (yawn) a movie! Is it really still a mystery to anyone about their relationship? It looks pretty easy to me: Movie to promote, they’re together. No movie, not together. Very simple and predictable really. Does anyone else besides them really care?
C. Smith
New York City

I find it ironic that just a short while after being profiled in your Gay Hollywood 2000 issue, Don Roos admits to making Bounce not out of any creative inspiration, but out of a need not to be ghettoized as a gay writer-director. This attitude proves a point: The biggest hindrance to gay people in Hollywood is other gay people. There are a million filmmakers creating movies for the straight audience. Why does Roos feel he needs to be number one million and one? The gay community needs this crap about as much as we need catty stereotypes masquerading as Must See TV.
Chris Philips
Los Angeles

The Dead Zone
I thought this fall’s new lineup was a complete wash until I came across CSI (”Esprit de Corpse”). A smart cast, intelligent, interesting story lines, and a cool Las Vegas location. No laugh track, no hour-long rants, and no obnoxious mother-in-law/neighbor/ex-husband in sight. Don’t get me wrong, CSI does have naked bodies, but they’re dead! Thank you, CBS! I can finally forgive you for canceling Brooklyn South.
Jori Frazier

Days of Wonder
I’m so delighted that Wonder Boys is finally getting the attention it deserves. Curtis Hanson’s coming-of-age tale is not only rich in intellect, spirit, and emotion, but it also has the best performance I’ve seen this year [from] Michael Douglas. Thanks, EW, for bringing Wonder Boys back into the light.
David Volvovick
Lexington, Mass.

Bach in the Saddle
If Evan Serpick thinks that Sebastian Bach’s turn in Broadway’s Jekyll & Hyde was enough to put him in the ”frontman graveyard,” then he obviously didn’t see a performance! If Bach belting out ”This Is the Moment” doesn’t revive his career, then nothing will. If the show’s producers know what’s good for them and their show, they should kick that has-been Hasselhoff outta the theater on his a– and beg Bach to come back!
M.B. Giroux
Waterbury, Conn.
Editor’s Note: Jekyll & Hyde will be closing on Jan. 7, 2001.

Waxy Buildup
Egads! The picture of Michael Jackson on page 21 (Behind the Scenes) is the most waxlike thing I have ever seen! I think somewhere, someone has buried an empty box… downright creepy.
Renée Taylor
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Correction: Ray Romano was not involved in the website The actor is planning to put up an official site sometime next year (EW Internet).

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