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Bump & Run

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Bump & Run

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Mike Lupica
Sports, Fiction

We gave it a C+

Syndicated columnist Mike Lupica’s pigskin novel Bump & Run reads like an early-20th-century sports pulp crossed with insensate Tom Wolfe. Billed as a fictionalized tell-all, it’s really nothing of the sort; it captures the beer-and-blood flavor of the NFL rather than the nitty-gritty details. Our hero is ”Jammer” Jack Molloy — Vegas vet, black sheep, and tomcat — who stumbles running a New York franchise. Jammer deploys his rugged looks (check one), smooth-talk-the-chicks charm (check two), and carefully hidden native intelligence (check three: NASA, we have lousy male fantasy liftoff) to bed babes, cavort with the Mob, and maybe, just maybe, win the whole… damn… thing. Sure, this XY affair may creek and jiggle from the stiff knees and bulging bellies of its audience, but it has a heart — a derivative, silly heart, but a good one. C+