Josh Wolk
December 01, 2000 AT 12:00 PM EST

”Big Brother” cast-offs

Showbiz opportunities flooded the Survivors after they returned to civilization a starring role in a Rob Schneider movie for Colleen; Nash Bridges guest spots for Gervase, Jenna, and others but what of the Big Brother brethren? Have they received the same Hollywood welcome? We checked in with six of the roommates and found that since Survivor’s lower-rated reality sibling ended Sept. 29, the options have been decidedly low-rent.


After guesting on Hollywood Squares (which aired Nov. 23 and 24), Brother winner McGee will play a lothario in the indie comedy Drop Dead Roses. He’s also cowriting an autobiography with The Real World Miami‘s Joe Patane. Held victory party at Applebee’s in Manhattan Oct. 30.


The boyish runner-up topped’s ”Sexiest Man Alive” poll. Though still looking for an agency, Souza appeared on the Santa Barbara cable-access talk show What’s Up! His adopted hometown of Fresno, Calif., declared Oct. 17 ”Josh Souza Day.”


He landed agent Sherri Spillane (rep to six Survivors) and will play the Clown King in a December Chicago-area production of Nutcracker on Ice; he also made an appearance at a Rockford, Ill., Beef-A-Roo eatery Oct. 23. And he’s selling his ’91 Ford truck on eBay.


Kern was dubbed ”Hollywood” by her castmates and has signed with ICM, but her biggest break was serving as a ”win a date” prize on Seattle talk show Northwest Afternoon Oct. 30. Posted pictures of herself wearing Big Brother half-shirt and bikini bottoms on


She’s signed with the William Morris Agency, but her most high-profile gig so far was a recent guest spot on Danny Bonaduce’s morning radio show Jamie & Danny in Burbank. Petros is currently auditioning for parts and looking into acting classes.


The first ousted Brother-ite guested on Queen Latifah Nov. 2 and has lectured at colleges on activism. Meanwhile, Mega is still looking for representation: ”I wasn’t immediately picked up by a talent agency like some of the others, even though they were boring.”

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