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David Blaine freezes himself into a block of ice

The Gen X trickster’s cool stunt will heat up ABC’s sweeps

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David Blaine
David Blaine: Yariv Milchan/CPI

One is tempted, while writing about illusionist David Blaine’s upcoming attempt to spend three days embedded in a 6 ton ice block (he’ll enter shirtless on Nov. 27 and be set free with chain saws on the 29th during a live ABC special), to say he puts the ”brrr” in ”Abrrracadabrrra.” But wordplay like that may make Blaine, 27, pull an aneurysm out of his hat, since he insists the stunt is not magic, but an ”endurance experience.” To pull off the frosty twist to his 1999 feat of being buried alive in a Plexiglas sarcophagus, Blaine has spent nearly a year practicing soaking in tanks of ice water. And on Oct. 26, he did a dry run inside a glacial gulag that ”went poorly,” he admits, due to his body temperature dropping too fast; he now realizes that he’ll ”need to put a gel on, like when people swim the English Channel, and special boots that pump the blood [in my legs] so they don’t clot.” (And to think all Siegfried has to do is make a damn tiger disappear.) Here’s a look at the Blaine- cicle’s polar prep work.