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Guess Again

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Guess Again

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Bernard Cooper
Fiction, Short Stories

We gave it an A

Love and loss permeate Guess Again, the alternately hilarious and heartbreaking collection of 11 short stories from Bernard Cooper, the O. Henry-winning author of Truth Serum. In ”What to Name the Baby,” an uneasy pregnant daughter travels with her father and his elderly lover in a Winnebago. In ”Hunters and Gatherers,” a shrill Mormon couple invite their few gay friends to a potluck dinner party to ”cure” the husband’s same-sex longings. ”If it were up to me, love would stop trains and change weather,” the protagonist tells the confused man. It doesn’t. AIDS plays a grim role in several stories, but Cooper is a respectful writer who doesn’t victimize his characters even as they stare down tragedy. Imbued with dignity and humor, they get the last laugh, and we get a few ourselves. A