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Nicorette cravings?

Nicorette cravings? — Though ”Bounce”’s Gwyneth Paltrow takes up smoking to give up nicotine gum, the company says this behavior is unusual

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Nicorette cravings?

In Bounce, Gwyneth Paltrow plays a realtor who starts smoking cigarettes to curb her cravings for nicotine gum. Farfetched? Perhaps. But Nicorette can be a hard habit to break — just ask Bounce writer-director Don Roos. ”I gave up smoking seven years ago and totally got hooked on the gum,” he says. Though Nicorette’s maximum suggested usage is three months, company spokesperson Nancy Lovre says a very small percentage of users still chew after six. Roos, now nicotine-free, recalls going to great lengths when his doctor cut off his prescription after two years: ”I drove to Tijuana and bought $900 worth of gum.” Good thing he discovered the patch.