Clarissa Cruz
October 27, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Q. Is Friends‘ beloved Joey a dirty low-down scab? After all, Matt LeBlanc’s character auditioned for a commercial even though SAG is mired in a six-month-long strike.

A. Chalk it up to optimism. When the show was shot three months ago, ”we didn’t imagine the strike would still be going on,” says Friends exec producer David Crane. But couldn’t blissfully oblivious Joey (who earned his SAG stripes on Days of Our Lives) be unaware of the pickets? ”We did think it would be funny if the reason he’s suddenly getting a lot of commercials is because he doesn’t know,” says Crane. ”But I’d like to believe Joey’s aware enough that he’s not doing that.” Chandler would likely beg to differ.

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