Houston: Gary Gershoff/Retna
October 25, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

POLICE BEAT It’s that time of the week again when there seems to be nothing but news of celebs and their run ins with authorities. First there’s Whitney Houston with her now notorious marijuana possession allegation. It seems the pop singer will not be appearing in court this month to face possession charges stemming for the half ounce of Mary Jane allegedly found in her handbag in January at Keahole Kona International Airport. An attorney will appear on her behalf instead. The arraignment had been set for Thursday, according to the Associated Press, but has now been pushed back to Nov. 2. If she’s convicted, Houston could get up to 30 days in the slammer and a $1,000 fine…. Meanwhile, Wu Tang Clan‘s Ol’ Dirty Bastard is on the run. A bench warrant has been issued for the rapper’s arrest after he disappeared from a drug treatment facility called Impact House last week. ODB apparently fled while being transported from the Pasadena, Calif., facility to L.A.’s Criminal Courthouse. ”He physically ran away,” L.A.’s deputy district attorney told SonicNet. ”It’s my understanding that [his] counselors were taking him to court to discuss his program with the judge.” The rapper’s attorney could not be reached for comment…. Dickey Betts was arrested last weekend and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery. The guitarist — who was ousted from the Allman Brothers Band this summer — allegedly attacked his wife, grabbing her by the hair, forcing her to the ground and punching her. He was released Monday on $10,000 bail. Betts’ attorney Michael Mosca told the Sarasota Herald-Tribune that the latest incident was ”a misunderstanding” that had been ”blown out of proportion.”

WEB NEWS British alt rock group Chumbawamba is giving Metallica‘s Lars Ulrich something to really crow about. The band has illegally sampled music of the Napster defiant metal group, as well as tunes by Madonna, Eminem, the Beatles, and Dr. Dre. And to make matters worse — they’re proud of it. They’ve posted the new mix entitled ”Pass It Along (MP3 mix)” on their website for free download and encouraged fans to — duh! — pass it along, Launch reports. ”If Ulrich, Madonna, and Eminem had never sold any records and were worried about entering a poverty stricken old age, then their determination to stop their music being passed around would be understandable,” the group said in a statement. ”But what we’re seeing is some of the richest pop stars in the world making the biggest stink about not being able to screw every last penny from their adoring fans.” Meanwhile, Chumba is busy thinking about all the dough they could potentially make off this publicity ploy.

RATINGS David E. Kelley‘s high school drama ”Boston Public” scored an A+ in ratings when its pilot aired Monday night on Fox as the lead in to the long awaited season premiere of ”Ally McBeal” featuring ex con Robert Downey Jr.. Some 13.92 million people tuned in to watch the new show — giving Fox its highest 8 p.m. hour with series programming since 1996.

NIXED NBC has canceled its Monday night at 8 p.m. show ”Tucker,” making it the first casualty of the fall season. Industry insiders had expected either ”Tucker” or ABC‘s ”The Trouble With Normal” to be the first to go. The NBC comedy only ran for four weeks. Meanwhile, the Peacock has also unlocked itself from ”Chains of Love.” The program — in which four men were to be chained to a woman for a week — was supposed to debut next year. The net decided to scrap the show after having the usual ”creative differences” with producers Endemol Entertainment, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Perhaps they were experiencing visions of ”Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?”

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