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Brad Pitt croons on a charity album

Plus, the newest bootleggers’ trick

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Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston
Pitt: Kevin Mazur

‘WILD’ THINGS We know Gwyneth Paltrow sings, but what about her ex, Brad Pitt? He’s one of 11 actors lending music and animal magnetism to ”Hollywood Goes Wild,” a CD for L.A.’s Wildlife Way Station animal rescue preserve. Some are known for musical moonlighting — Russell Crowe (fronting 30 Odd Foot of Grunts), Bruce Willis (covering Willie Dixon), Keanu Reeves (with Dogstar) — but rock hounds will also hear from Pitt, Billy Bob Thornton (on his own ”Island Avenue”), Juliette Lewis, Johnny Depp (with Iggy Pop), and Jeff Goldblum.

Two years in the works, the CD, on All-Star Music, hits stores in February. Exec producer Mark Fine praises Goldblum, who sang and wrote ”Born Freaky,” ”a bebop/ big band animal motif tune in the spirit of ‘Born Free’ that starts with a 30 second beatnik rap.” What, no ”Love Theme From ‘The Fly”’? ?

— Chris Willman and William Keck

DEAF JAM Bootleggers have a boss way to tape concerts — thanks to 1990’s Americans With Disabilities Act. A Bruce Springsteen live set sold online was recorded with assistive listening devices (ALDs), free hearing aids that receive an FM feed. Most venues are ALD ready, and anyone can request the free device and plug a recorder into the headphone jack.

With ALD gotten Bob Dylan tracks also out there, the Recording Industry Association of America is listening: ”We inform managers that [when] they deal with security, this is something they want to look at,” says RIAA antipiracy chief Frank Creighton. Still, some say ALDs are unreliable: ”It’s like AM radio at night,” says Richard Breton, who runs a trading site. In other words, he’s knockin’ the boots.

— Brian M. Raftery