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The five most tragically accurate screen titles

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Sometimes Hollywood makes the jobs of pun-happy critics too darn easy. Consider Cursed, the upcoming NBC sitcom starring Steven Weber, which seems to be living up to its name — bad buzz, replaced producers, last-minute retooling, etc. It got us thinking about our other favorite prophetic monikers.

1. LOSER (2000)
The math is simple: Mena Suvari + Jason Biggs – pie-humping = box office poison.

2. D.O.A. (1988)
Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan’s film noir remake went toes-up quicker than you can say ”Russell Crowe.”

ABC’s Robin Hood spoof — from the quiver of Mel Brooks — fell way short of a bull’s-eye.

4. THE NUDE BOMB (1980)
Even with the word nude in the title, the big-screen version of Get Smart was a bomb with critics.

5. GONE IN 60 SECONDS (2000)
Yes, this stinker made money, but it vanished from the national consciousness in a minute flat.