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Website Review: 'Cinema Sausage'

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We gave it an A-

Coming to a theater near you … Parker Posey and Martin Lawrence in … Big Momma’s House of Yes! Okay, that’s one film we definitely won’t see in our lifetime. But one can dream — and Cinema Sausage (www.fistfulayen.com/games/sausage/cinema) makes all your movie-hybrid dreams come true. Pick two film titles with a syllable in common that, uh, links them (forming a ”sausage”) and post away. Or vote for other posts. Some advice: Titles that sound like Mystery Science Theater rejects (i.e., Plan 9 From Outer Space Jam) usually draw the biggest following. A-

The Sausage formula is applied to music: Watch Fugazi Ozborne battle Yanni Lennox for the top of the charts.