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The Rating Game

From warnings for ‘Sixth Sense’ plot twists to plots based on ‘SNL’ skits, our ideas for an extended movie rating system

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R you ready for Hollywood’s new alphabet soup? With Washington scrutinizing Tinseltown’s sex and violence, some studios are considering a more detailed ratings system. One proposed option: R-V for violence, R-L for language, and R-S for sex. But is that really enough? EW offers a guide to the real dangers of the cinema.


The following teen movie contains slang that no real adolescent has used in three years.


The following material is a vanity project, and may contain dreadlocked aliens.


The following material is based on a Saturday Night Live skit and may not be able to sustain an entire film.


The following movie has been influenced by the Farrelly brothers and may contain flying feces.


The following Sixth Sense rip-off contains a pointless and strained plot twist in the last five minutes.


The following movie’s editor was apparently in a coma, and the resulting film lasts three or more hours.


The following movie contains a wrinkled 50-plus actor cavorting with a twentysomething ingenue.