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We review discs of ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Jurassic Park: The Lost World’

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Like species and movies, some DVDs are better fit for survival than others. Not only does the disc version of Jurassic Park preserve the theatrical wide-screen sense of wonder — letting you goggle at that vast field of dinosaurs as if for the first time — but the extras are equally revelatory. No, you don’t get a Steven Spielberg commentary track, but you do get to see video footage of early preproduction meetings in which the director comes off as a benevolent T. rex ruling over a group of head-nodding, brachiosauroid minions. Just as insightful are Phil Tippett’s animation tests of the velociraptors-in-the-kitchen sequence — terrifying even with dolls in place of the kids. The Lost World disc, by contrast, pairs a pretty lame sequel with two semi-interesting deleted scenes, random photo albums, and endless shots of poster art. Not destined for extinction, but not an evolutionary advance, either.
Jurassic Park: A
Lost World: C+