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Flicks and Clicks

From ‘Almost Famous’ to ‘This Is Spinal Tap,’ a look at five websites for major movies

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Nurse Betty
By snooping through the bookmarks of hired gun Wesley (Chris Rock), you find links to ”sites” (such as AskAHitman.com) that gradually reveal the substance of the film. A

This Is Spinal Tap
There’s a fine line between interactivity and laziness. The site pretends it’s giving you content, when in fact it’s asking you for ideas (like your favorite quotes). C-

Almost Famous
What’s best about this site is what’s truest: musings from rock critic Lester Bangs (sample quote: ”The day [rock & roll] ceases to be dumb is the day it ceases to be real”). B

Into the Arms of Strangers
”Earnest” + ”Holocaust” + ”documentary” = serious. See this skillfully designed page about Kindertransport, a 1938-39 evacuation of kids from Europe. B+

Remember the Titans
Sadly, features that might make this site cool — actual game footage and an animated playbook — are on the sidelines. B-