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The Celine Dion Threat

Jason Priestley claimed Celine Dion increases Canadian emigration

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Q. Is Celine Dion responsible for a Canadian diaspora? During a loopy, sniffly live appearance on Fox News Channel last week, actor and Barenaked in America director Jason Priestley — born in British Columbia, albeit an eternal citizen of Beverly Hills — claimed that Canada’s population has dwindled to 25 million because so many anti-Celine refugees have left the country. True?

A. Get ootta here! People are practically pouring into John Candy’s homeland, not fleeing: Over the last decade, Canada has swelled by a whopping 3 million-plus inhabitants — to 30,750,087. ”Contrary to what Mr. Priestley said, we are growing,” says Sabrina Cianciullo, an information officer with Statistics Canada. (Alanis Morissette, however, remains a constant threat.)