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Book Review: 'Along the Inca Road'

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Along the Inca Road

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Karin Muller
National Geographic
Travel, Nonfiction

We gave it a B

Armed with a backpack, a GPS (Global Positioning System), a grant from National Geographic, and a yen for local color, documentarian Karen Muller followed South America’s centuries-old Inca Road for seven months. In Ecuador, she visits a healer who whacks her on the head with a guinea pig to bless her travels; in Peru, she meets a sorcerer’s apprentice who matter-of-factly explains his career choice (”witchcraft … was the best-paying job around”). She also patrols with a professional team of land-mine defusers and samples the famed coca leaves of the Andes. Muller’s willingness to jump in and try pretty much anything is what propels Along the Inca Road, a travelogue of often hair-raisingly vivid adventures. B