EW Staff
September 29, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

CONCEPT Courtesy of creators James Cameron and Charles Eglee, a babelicious Blade Runner: Jessica Alba is a bioengineered fighter against a postapocalyptic dictatorship.
THE SCOOP Cameron says the concept is ”not about robots and starships and transporter beams, it’s not that kind of science fiction. It’s a one-hour character drama with science fiction … We wanted to create a landscape that was morally chaotic, where police and the political structure [are] overtly corrupt.” According to Alba, ”It’s fast, it’s no bulls—. It’s a cool-ass show.”
BOTTOM LINE Yeah — what she said.

CONCEPT Ditzy corporate gal (Geena Davis) moves in with single-dad-with-two-kids (Peter Horton); oh, a wacky steplover sitcom!
THE SCOOP Mensa member/archer Davis (returning to TV 12 years after her dud sitcom Sara) likes her character’s complexity; she juggles a new family while maintaining bonds with her single pals, one of whom is played by Mimi Rogers. Says Davis, ”We have to have the two worlds interact. We have to get the friends out to the suburbs and Peter into the city. I can’t wait until Mimi’s character” — a salty sophisticate — ”and Peter’s character” — a sensitive soul — ”meet; that will be really fun.”
BOTTOM LINE Beats a poke in the eye with a sharp arrow. Or does it?

CONCEPT Slapsticky Secret Service agent (David Alan Grier) is demoted from presidential duty to protecting the First Lady (Delta Burke).
THE SCOOP ”I want to be allowed to do a sophisticated, smart comedy,” says Grier, who thinks his audience is ready. ”People have seen me do a variety of things. In Living Color was a sketch show, meaning I never played just one character anyway. A lot of it is adjusting — finding what’s most comfortable for the show.”
BOTTOM LINE Grier and Burke are both strong (and enjoyable) personalities; it’ll take a few episodes to see who’s more central.

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