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Match Points: Y2K Dating

‘Blind Date,’ Match.com, and coffeehouse match-ups offer modern singles new ways to find a partner

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Fiddler on the Roof’s got nothing on Y2K matchmaking. There’s Blind Date on the tube, Match.com in cyberspace, and now cafés and bars are getting into the two-by-two act. NYC’s Drip café gives new meaning to the phrase Coffee-mate by offering more than 30,000 profiles of potential sweeties for patrons to peruse while sipping their low-fat half-caf mocha lattes. The café boasts 57 marriages and hosts about 25 first dates a night. Founder Nancy Slotnick has plans to extend her four-year-old matchmaking hot-spot concept to other swinging-singles cities including Boston, L.A., and Miami. Meanwhile, at NYC’s LUVBUZZ lounge, twenty- and thirtysomething barflies fill out LuvSurveys (”What celebrity do people say you look like?”), attend Dating Boot Camp, and pick up such gift-shop goodies as chocolate body paints and flavored whipped cream. The swank spot sports latex-covered walls, sending ”a subliminal message about safe sex,” says cofounder/QueenBee Jane Diane Wiener. Guess Cupid’s covering all the bases.