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Cyber Digest

From photos of the cast of ‘Jurassic Park III’ to footage of the Hip-Hop Music Awards brawl, this week’s web news

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NAKED CITY Wanna see a naked New Yorker? Try ducking into the Times Square subway station after midnight. Wanna see 200 bare-naked denizens of Manhattan island (you sicko, you)? Check out Naked Pavement (sputnik7.com/vod/film), a 19-minute documentary about artist Spencer Tunick. Here’s a guy who, in his unique way, is doing something about putting the nudes back on 42nd Street.

DAMNED IF SHE KNOWS Anne Rice reveals at her site (http://www.annerice.com) that she knows practically nothing about Warner Bros.’ upcoming adaptation of her novel The Queen of the Damned, and she asks fans with inside knowledge about the project to send it along to her via e-mail.

THE FIGHT STUFF Feeling kinda hollow in the pit of your stomach because UPN refused to televise the big brawl that disrupted the Aug. 22 Source Hip-Hop Music Awards 2000 show? Well, then, we’ve got an elixir for what ails ya. TheSource.com has posted the previously unseen footage (http://www.thesource.com), along with a first-person account from E-40, one of the participants in the Pasadena, Calif., melée. If you’re so inclined while at The Source‘s website, you can place an order for the Music Awards Gift Pack — $29.99, including shipping.

BY THE NUMBERS Just so you know we’re paying attention — and even though we’re normally bored to tears by figures — here are some numbers that give (Net) life meaning:
— More than 220,000 Netizens voted in the Honeymoon category in the Today show’s summerlong live-on-the-air wedding promotion. (By contrast, only 92,000 felt compelled to vote in the Sleepwear category.)
— 184,000 viewers were drawn to the ”enhanced TV telecast” of this year’s prime-time Emmys — meaning those who interacted with the show at a special ABC website.
— In the latest weekly count, George W. Bush’s website was more popular than Al Gore’s. Do such sites constitute entertainment? Why, of course. Politics is showbiz at a different level. The more critical question: Are these sites appropriate for children?

MOUTHING OFF While several high-profile entertainment sites have recently taken a bashing — most notably POP.com — scores of A- and B-list celebs still flock to the Web as if their careers depended on it. (In some cases, they do.) Latest to sign on: Janeane Garofalo will do online promo spots for iCast (icast.com), and Ricardo (Fantasy Island) Montalban is the voice of an animated goldfish in an ad cam paign for TechieGold (techiegold.com), a new online job-place ment service. We did say A- and B-list actors.

NOW SEE THIS Need proof that some people have too much time on their hands? Then go to http://www.hawaiimovietour.com/jp10.htm, where you’ll find a photo gallery of actors and their families arriving at Hawaii’s Kauai airport to begin shooting Jurassic Park III. See Sam Neill help his driver lug luggage! Could that be William H. Macy standing by that car? As an added bonus, revel in pictures of huge fake tree stumps being hauled to the movie site! Captivating stuff.

Live online auction (at ibidlive.tv) of James Cagney’s 1942 Academy Award, which he won for his role as George M. Cohan in Yankee Doodle Dandee.