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Four Blondes

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Candace Bushnell, Four Blondes

Four Blondes

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Candace Bushnell
Atlantic Monthly Press
Short Stories, Romance, Fiction

We gave it a C

In Four Blondes, the writer who created Carrie and Mr. Big introduces new scheming women and schmucky men who will feel awfully familiar to fans of ”Sex and the City.” But a bored Bushnell traipses through these four unrelated stories hastily, as if her Jimmy Choos were killing her; each blond is simultaneously overcooked and underdone.

Grasping Janey judges a potential boyfriend by the quality of his Hamptons summerhouse; smug Winnie manipulates her husband; and drug-addled Cecelia has a protracted nervous breakdown. In the final story, a famous journalist who writes about sex finds romance in London (as has Bushnell) with a man who is ”beautiful in the way that Englishmen can be and Americans never are.” How is that? Readers must simply take her word.