Dalton Ross, Bruce Fretts, and Ken Tucker
September 15, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Monday September 11

Punk pioneers Fugazi have always done things differently, and this off kilter docu (produced by the band and Jem Cohen) is no exception. Instead of a linear band history, we get an appropriately chaotic mishmash of lo-fi archival footage, including public access spots, as well as concert footage in front of a half dozen bewildered inmates at the Lorton Correctional Facility. Plus, how many bands have the guts to include interviews with people who think they suck? B+

Tuesday September 12

Joe Mantegna returns as Boston private eye Spenser for the second A&E movie adapted by Robert B. Parker from his best-selling mystery series. In this case, he’s searching for a cop’s wife (Brooklyn South‘s Yancy Butler) kidnapped by her schizophrenic ex-boyfriend (Homicide‘s Jon Seda). The plot’s a bit thin, but Mantegna fits the role as snugly as a pistol in an old holster. B

Sunday September 17

If you crossed a Dateline NBC segment with an Afterschool Special, you’d get this bland, earnest, TV movie slog through the true story of the famous little Cuban boy. Assiduously apolitical, the movie inadvertantly tilts toward favoring the Florida based family of Elián (cute Alec Roberts, left with Esai Morales as Juan Miguel González) only because Miguel Sandoval is so understatedly excellent as Uncle Lazaro. C-

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