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Summer Movie Body Count

‘Art of War,’ ‘Cecil B. Demented,’ and ‘Autumn in New York’ round out our count of summer movie deaths

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It’s been a bloody good time, but now we must bid adieu to the Summer Movie Body Count, our running tabulation of on-screen corpses. Thankfully, Hollywood went out with a bang! Let’s crunch the numbers: Wesley Snipes’ Art of War featured 27 deaths, including shootings, neck snappings, and our personal fave, a pitchfork impaling. Highlander: Endgame piled on 28 bodies, half from decapitation. After Cecil B. DeMented, 15 be deceased — including one poor soul punctured with a staple gun. Both Jennifer Lopez’s The Cell and Bless the Child offered last rites for eight. Meanwhile, the geezer gangsters in The Crew racked up 10 corpses — only one by heart attack! — and Winona Ryder’s Autumn in New York gave us a single but much-appreciated stiff. So the final death toll for the summer: 532 bodies. Not bad. That’s almost as many people as saw Battlefield Earth.