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September 15, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Mail from our readers

Tom Hanks’ shagadelic photo on the cover of our Fall Movie Preview (#555/6, Aug. 18/25) gave many the creeps. ”Your cover scared me half to death!” cries Grace La Mell of Boston. And Chad Gregory of Rome, N.Y., found a case of mistaken identity: ”I wondered why Randall ‘Tex’ Cobb was on the cover.” In other mail, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 actress Erica Leerhsen’s prep work for her role as a Wiccan created toil and trouble in the Wiccan community. ”Studying satanic rituals to understand how to play a Wiccan is akin to going to Mass to prepare for playing a Buddhist monk,” explains Kristin Hutchinson of Shawnee, Kan.

Open Season

Wow! Sasquatch is real, and appearing on the cover of your Fall Preview issue!
Christy Havranek
Medford, N.J.

Compliments to EW for your Fall Movie Preview. It is a real sign of progress to see the writers’ names featured with the films they wrote. Keep up the great work!
Patricia Eliot Tobias
Los Angeles

Your Fall Movie Preview must mean that summer is over, which means that summer movies are over. [This] has ended up being the worst summer movie season. It’s the end of cinema as we know it.
Chad Pettengill

Obi Wane

It’s ironic that one of the photos you showed of actor Alec Guinness to commemorate him after his recent death was that of Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars. Though the role helped reinvigorate his career, it was probably the role he liked least.
Kenneth L. Zimmerman
Huntington Beach, Calif.

Comix Relief

Thank you for publishing Jeff Jensen’s semi-regular comic-book reviews. [I think] it’s great to see a mainstream publication acknowledging this art form. I was very excited to see a review of The Authority, and glad you spotlighted an invigorating superhero title worth experiencing, proving there’s more to the craft than yet another X-Men spin-off.
Jeff Wooten
Durham, N.C.

CORRECTIONS: Two films were inadvertently excluded from our Fall Movie Preview: Cleopatra’s Second Husband, a black comedy, opens Sept. 29; MVP: Most Valuable Primate, a comedy about a hockey-playing chimp, opens Oct. 20. Contrary to an Inside.com article cited in the Thirteen Days entry, an overwhelming majority of moviegoers said they liked Kevin Costner in his role, according to The National Research Group, Inc., which conducted the test screenings. Sean Penn is not a co-screenwriter of The Pledge. The Titanic joke cited in our review of The Original Kings of Comedy should have been credited to Steve Harvey.

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