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Here's a ''Survivor'' survival tip

Plus, EW brings you other arcana from this summer’s entertainment

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Sex and the City
City: Craig Blankenhorn

Sure, reading may be trendy again, thanks to all those Harry Potter novels. But why waste time with your nose in a book when movies and television can tell you all you need to know in just a few hours? Herewith, some knowledge we gained by sitting on our butts all summer.

* Drinking kerosene can help you rid yourself of an intestinal parasite (though medical experts warn that it also may kill you). (CBS’ ”Survivor”)

* The license plate of ”Magnum P.I.”’s car read ROBIN 1. (”Gone in 60 Seconds”)

* If you have a wet piece of cloth and a stick, you can make a tourniquet that bends open prison bars. (”Shanghai Noon”)

* During the Revolutionary War, American landowners would offer the incentive of freedom to their slaves if they would fight for the colonies. (”The Patriot”)

* In U.K. casinos, dealers are not permitted to accept gratuities. (”Croupier”)

* Despite the urban myth, men cannot change the taste of their sperm by drinking wheatgrass juice. (HBO’s ”Sex and the City”)

* After catching a swordfish, fishermen saw off the swordlike protrusion. (”The Perfect Storm”)

* In the right hands, a prostate exam can be an intense orgasmic experience. (”Road Trip”)

* Blacks and occasionally even women fought as gladiators in the Colosseum in ancient Rome. (”Gladiator”)

* Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in men ages 15 to 35. (MTV’s ”Tom Green’s Cancer Special”)

* Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker began their evangelical career by doing Christian puppetry. (”The Eyes of Tammy Faye”)

(Additional reporting by Erin Podolsky)