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Zero Degrees: Successful College Dropouts

Executives from internet businesses like Scour.com and IFILM talk about why they didn’t need a degree

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Not that we’re against college and weekends at football stadia and pubs. But if you want to become a Big Man on e-Campus, that costly parchment may not be worth all that effort. Just ask these three high-riding dropouts.

Creator of Ren & Stimpy; currently president of Spumco.com
College: Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario (1977-78)
Why he quit: ”They teach you bad things in art school.”
Does college matter? ”Horse sense is what you need on the Internet.”

Founder of file-sharing site Scour.com
College: UCLA (1996-98)
Why he quit: ”What began as a college project became a business opportunity.”
Does college matter? ”Not necessarily … but the experience and contacts matter to almost every business.”

Cofounder, IFILM
College: NYU (1975-76)
Why he quit: ”Got a bigger job [TV producing] in Chicago.”
Does college matter? ”[T]he Net is the greatest education tool ever created, but that has no bearing on whether someone should or shouldn’t go to college.”