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Passport to Prime Time: Traveling TV Shows

NBC plans to shoot the casts of sitcoms like ‘Friends’ and ‘Will & Grace’ in interesting locales

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Forget reunion movies of old TV shows. NBC plans to revive another ’80s network gimmick, sending its sitcom casts abroad for two-hour movies-of-the-week. (Think Facts of Life Goes to Paris.) The trick, says NBC Entertainment prez Garth Ancier, is to plan specials early in a series’ life: ”It’s a little hard to ask the Friends to go to Paris now. It’s hard enough to get them to show up on the set.” Certainly Matthew Perry isn’t wild about the idea. ”Those things usually turn out kind of hokey,” he tells EW. ”We already went to London, so I don’t know … maybe Friends Goes to Encino?” On the other hand, Sean Hayes, returning this fall for his third season of Will & Grace, is keen to pack his bags, suggesting Will & Grace Do Vegas. Hayes even concocts a devilish story line: ”Jack could lose all of Will’s money.”