Jim Mullen
September 01, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

1. David Bowie & Iman
The beautiful couple’s baby is now a model. Diapers by Versace, bib by Donna Karan.

2. J.K. Rowling
The Harry Potter author was Britain’s top female money earner last year, according to one survey. The ”earn” part kept Queen Elizabeth off the list.

3. Garth Brooks
The country star wanted to turn his Nashville home into a museum. In a related story, Kmart plans to start calling itself Saks Fifth Avenue.

4. Burning Man
The giant New Age gathering in the Nevada desert ends with a huge bonfire. Or you could just go to Montana.

5. Anne & Ellen
The world’s most visible lesbian couple have split. Turns out Russell Crowe has a sister.

6. The Art of War
Wesley Snipes fights a ring of international terrorists. What? You thought it was about a painter?

7. Airline delays
They used to want you at the airport an hour before departure. Now they want you there three hours after the flight.

8. Tiger Woods
The PGA Championship was one of the most-watched golfing events of all time. So why were you staring at a TV on Sunday afternoon instead of playing golf?

9. Eminem divorce
It’s hard to believe. They seemed so wealthy together.

10. Tire recall
The worst part is having to walk all the way down to the car dealership to get the new ones.

11. The Crew
Burt Reynolds and old Mob friends live in a seedy Florida old-age home. They wanted Coppola to direct and call it The Grandfather.

12. That kiss
Al and Tipper Gore’s rent-a-room convention lip lock blew all the ”he’s stiff” jokes right out the window. The clean ones, anyway.

13. Labor Day
This is your last chance to sit in a car for 14 straight hours with some bickering kids until Thanksgiving. Don’t squander it.

14. The Simpsons
A movie of the popular TV show is being planned. It would have happened sooner but Bart has script approval.

15. Survivor
But we’ve known who the real winner is for months: CBS.

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