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Richard's win on ''Survivor'' raises big questions

Bruce Fretts wonders about snakes, rats, hot coals, and Susan’s tirade

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Richard’s win on ”Survivor” raises big questions

So now we know the final answer: The ultimate ”Survivor” is Rich (in every sense of the word). The corporate exhibitionist pulled out a shocking, one vote victory over the morally conflicted river guide Kelly, taking home $1 million (and a Pontiac Aztek!) in the CBS reality series’ season send-off. Yet even though all 16 contestants gathered for an instant reunion show immediately following the episode, a number of unresolved questions still burn like Richard’s unsnuffable torch.

? What was Richard’s ”Fat Naked Fag” plan that Sean kept cryptically referencing? And why didn?t CBS bleep out the second F-word?

? What relationship was Colleen ”covering for” by pretending to have a romance with Greg? The Queen of Cutie Pies claimed that her alleged island fling with the King of Coconuts was a ruse to throw viewers off the track of an actual couple. Greg and Richard? Colleen and Rudy? Greg and his sister?

? How the hell did Kelly walk across burning embers without wincing? Rudy was a Navy SEAL and probably trained to endure pain, and Richard is the devil, so the heat wouldn’t bother him, but what’s Kell’s Bells’ secret?

? What were those dorky ”Reebok guys” doing in the studio audience of the reunion? How much did the shoe company shell out for that plug?

? Why couldn’t Rudy remember what Sean does for a living? Prepping for the ”Fallen Comrades” immunity challenge, Rudy needed a reminder from Richard about their ex-teammate’s medical career. Quizzed on his specialty during the game, Kelly guessed ”maternity,” but Susan correctly recalled he?s a ”nuroligist.” [sic]

? Why weren’t the jury members required to ask QUESTIONS during the Q and A portion of the final tribal council? Sean opted instead to thank Kelly for her competence and praise Richard’s honesty. (Reunion show host Bryant Gumbel also lauded Rich as ”upright” — what’s up with that?) Rudy beat himself up over his mental error of taking his hand off of the totem pole in his last immunity challenge. And Susan, sweetie…

? What possessed you to rip into Kelly so viciously? Sure, she switched her vote and sealed your fate, but did you really have to say you?d leave her to the vultures if she were dying of thirst? This outburst may explain why the post-episode poll found that only 2 percent of Americans wanted Susan to win (Rudy led, with 45 percent, followed by Kelly, with 42 percent, and Richard, with 11 percent).

? Did Greg realize that he was determining the winner when he asked Richard and Kelly to pick a number between 1 and 10, then voted for the one who came closest? (Richard guessed 7, Kelly 3. The number was 9). Maybe he sniffed one too many Magic Markers.

? Finally, forget Jenna in ”Playboy.” Now that he’s so relatively svelte, will Richard be showing off his immunity idol in ”Playgirl?”

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