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The end of ''Survivor''

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Our national obsession comes to an end Aug. 23, when CBS airs Survivor‘s three-hour finale. To say ”sarong,” expect a wave of Survivor shindigs. Already, Evite, a San Francisco-based party-planning site, has a template with the show’s graphics. Michael Gapinski of Along Came Mary — the Los Angeles event production company that will throw CBS’ own Survivor fete — offers these tips for a memorable tribal council guaranteed to keep you from being voted off the island.

1. For exotic nibbles, stores like Modesto, Calif.’s Bugfully Delightful sell ”dry-roasted-cricket-filled chocolates — sort of Nestle’s Crunch à la Survivor.”

2. Home Depot has great bamboo-type matting. Throw it down for a Survivor picnic.

3. Hack the tops off fresh green coconuts for pina coladas.

4. Don’t forget the marshmallows. Nothing says immunity idol like a s’more.