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Website Review: 'Ring Around the Crowe Mates'

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We gave it an A-

Russell Crowe may be dillydallying with Meg Ryan, but that apparently doesn’t make the strapping Aussie any less attractive in the eyes of those running the 58 websites devoted to the Gladiator hottie. Beating out the Crowe’s Nest and Maximus’s Colosseum consortiums in terms of sheer size — including the official site of Crowe’s band, 30 Odd Foot of Grunts — the webring Ring Around the Crowe Mates (administered by Seattle-based Cathy Carpenter) is devoted to those who want to, as one breathy fan states, ”take one [man], make him tall, heavy muscled, clear eyed, square chinned, give him a deep voice, a sexy accent … Hit all of it with the big MALE wand and stand back. Poof … Russell Crowe.” A-

MUST-VISIT: members.home.net/hell.r/index.html Cheesier-than-usual pics on the Russell Crowe Eye Candy page.