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Hit and Miscasting

From Tobey Maguire in ‘Spider Man’ to Roberto Benigni in ‘Pinocchio,’ we review the casting of upcoming films

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Why wait for the movie to come out before passing judgment? Let’s rate these high-profile castings — all reportedly in the works — and call it a day.

FILM The much-anticipated big-screen Spider-Man
STAR Tobey Maguire
OUR VERDICT Doesn’t bug us at all. The Cider House Rules star — who beat out the likes of Scott Speedman and Freddie Prinze Jr. — has reportedly been bulking up for the skintight red suit. And he’s demonstrated he can play a sensitive, Peter Parker-style nerd in … pretty much every movie he’s ever been in. A

FILM Live-action version of puppet boy Pinocchio
STAR Roberto Benigni
OUR VERDICT The jabbering, jittering Italian actor is going to play wooden? Theezz eezz not byoo-ti-ful! Of course, there’s a chance the 47-year-old would play Geppetto. What a waste of his manic energy. Please pull some strings to save us! C

FILM ABC biopic of tennis champ Billie Jean King
STAR Holly Hunter
OUR VERDICT The Piano star has the women’s rights advocate’s spunk. Plus: A penchant for on-screen nakedness proves she’s in shape to play the Wimbledon ace. B+