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Phish statistics

Phish statistic — From their highest concert grosses to their longest-running song, the jam band by the numbers

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Total fee for first gig in 1983 $250
Total concert grosses from 1996 to 1999 $93,100,979
Number of fans at biggest show 80,000 (Big Cypress)
Number of fans at smallest show 13 (in the cafeteria in Mike’s UVM dorm, Harris/Millis, on Oct. 30, 1983)
Duration of longest show 572 minutes (Yep, that’s 9 hours and 32 minutes — at Big Cypress)
Duration of longest single-song jam 59 minutes (”Runaway Jim,” Nov. 29, 1997, at the Worcester Centrum in Massachusetts)
Estimated gallons of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream sold around the globe annually 3.5 million
Number of balloons dropped at Boston’s 1996 New Year’s Eve show 79,627
Number of boxes of dry Kraft macaroni and cheese distributed to audience to use as noisemakers on May 27, 1994, in San Francisco 2,000
Number of Phish items available on eBay as of July 18, 2000 332
Number of hits on Phish.com in May 2000 8.5 million
Number of No. 1 hit singles by Phish 0
Number of dumb (ph)ish puns in this issue of Entertainment Weekly We lost count