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This week on the Internet

This week on the Internet — Courtney Love’s band Hole offers up the most online music tracks

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Aspiring auteurs with short-term patience levels should log on to It’s Your Movie (www.itsyourmovie.com), where they can watch weekly short episodes of Running Time (overseen by Simon Beaufoy, who penned The Full Monty), then vote on what the protagonist should do. Won’t viewers get bored once they know the ending? Site producer Simon Rose says that after 100 years of making movies the same way, it’s time for a change: ”Maybe you don’t need to have a beginning, middle, and an end.” As long as you’ve got a domain name and some venture capital.

Not only is Hole’s Courtney Love the girl with the most cake, her band has the most digital music on an official site (www.holemusic.com). With Love accusing labels of hoarding artists’ money, the rockers are posting MP3 tracks, among them a live duet Love sang with late mate Kurt Cobain and covers of ”Whole Lotta Love” and ”Dear Prudence.” Hey, who’s gonna turn down free Love?