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''Survivor'' fashion

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Craving tapioca or stingray stew? Probably not. But looking like you do is now chic: Welcome to the world of Survivor style. It’s do-it-yourself dressing (bandannas, tank tops, and voila!) that’s extremely functional. ”It’s a hot summer,” says stylist Vicky McGarry, fashion editor for Outside magazine. ”People who look sweaty and grubby like us look good to us.” Here, our guide to looking like a member of the Survivor tribe.

Dirty hair: It couldn’t be more cutting edge. Top salons tell patrons receiving the new unkempt cuts to avoid lathering every day just like a castaway.

Tanks: Nearly all of Pulau Tiga’s distaff contestants sport them. Particularly hot is the tube-top-like buff, which Dirk wore on his head.

Cutoffs: A fetching look on cute Colleen. Also popular: the sarong, favored by early loser Ramona, and swim trunks, which Richard opts for when clothed.

Footwear: See ya, Jimmy Choo. Hello, Tevas and Birkenstocks!