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''Sex and the City'' fashion

”Sex and the City” fashion — Sarah Jessica Parker may lead this season’s fashions to bare more

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Knee-high gold boots. Nair-necessitating microshorts. Hemlines closer to the crotch than the ankles. They’re the latest fashion statements from the Sex and the City women — and if the skimpier outfits worn by Sarah Jessica Parker and her Pilates-ized cohorts this season are any indication, style mavens will soon be baring a lot more than nameplates. ”We are making them a little sexier,” says City designer Patricia Field, describing this season’s wardrobe as ’80s-inspired glam. ”The positive response [to last season] gave us the go-ahead to push it a little more.” But isn’t it all just a little too racy for the average woman? ”Clearly it’s TV…. Everything has to be a little exaggerated,” says Teri Agins, author of The End of Fashion. ”[At a department store,] it might not be as short, tight, or revealing.” Now if they could just work on revealing more of Mr. Big…