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Profile: Drew Friedman

The illustrator caricatures celebs like Whoopi Goldberg and Mick Jagger for EW and politicos for ”The Weekly Standard” and ”The New Republic”

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Hollywood and Capitol Hill make for strange bedfellows, but that hasn’t kept Drew Friedman, 41, from juggling both with equal aplomb. When he’s not drawing the likes of Julia and Arnold for EW, he’s satirizing politicos in The Weekly Standard and The New Republic. Still, the longtime comics buff — his own strips are collected in two books coauthored with his brother, Josh Alan Friedman — admits that he prefers Tinseltown’s glitterati to D.C.’s power players. ”Polticians tend to be uglier,” says Friedman, who lives with wife, Kathy, and their eight cats and dogs in Pennsylvania. ”And they sort of drift away. Drawings I did of people [in politics] 10 years ago, nobody can place them anymore.” More enduring are Friedman’s cheeky depictions of such stars as Dennis Franz, Whoopi Goldberg, and Mick Jagger — which began appearing in these pages in 1991 — and his illustrations for the best-selling Howard Stern tomes Private Parts and Miss America. Then again, it is an election year, which leads us to wonder, who’s getting his vote come November? ”Gore, reluctantly,” says the artist. ”I’d rather draw George W. Bush over the next four years.”