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Internet quotes

Internet quotes — Mel Gibson, Alicia Silverstone, and John C. Reilly talk about their recent roles

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”There are some things worth fighting for. Imagine if you woke up one morning here in Los Angeles and found Lithuanians with sharp teeth crawling up the beach with golf clubs to beat your brains out. What would you do? That’s a reason to defend yourself.”
The Patriot star Mel Gibson on what war is good for, on Entertainment Weekly Online

”I probably had one until I was like 6 years old. But I went to American schools. I remember being made fun of, I was such a geek. Like in the first grade, I would bring my little Princess Di book to school, to show off… that I had a Princess Di book. I was really impressed that I was English. So I got made fun of and then decided that maybe I should try to be as American as possible.”
Love’s Labour’s Lost‘s British-born Alicia Silverstone, on losing her accent, on Bigstar.com

”Frogs are a walk in the park compared to these waves. Frogs are a little less [harmful] than 2,000 gallons of water hitting you in your face.”
The Perfect Storm (and Magnolia) costar John C. Reilly, comparing what he’s had to face on screen, on Entertainment Weekly Online