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The truth about Scully's new ''X-Files'' partner

EW.com tells you which Web rumors are false and why

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David Duchovny
Mark Seliger/FOX

There are two things any diehard ”X-Files” junkie can count on: lame ”truth is out there” jokes and a plethora of wacky rumors. Herewith we sort out all the Internet innuendo and fan-furnished falsities. Trust us — the truth is in here!

RUMOR Stephen Rea (”The Crying Game”), Chris Noth (”Sex and the City”), or David Caruso (um…) will ”X”-mark the spot as Scully’s new sidekick. False. A source at Fox nixes all three candidates, though he notes that Rea and ”X-Files” creator Chris Carter did talk last year about a multi-episode guest spot.

RUMOR Casting directors are looking for a ”blue-collar” type for the part. False. While the producers aren’t looking for another ”slickster” like Mulder, they’re not out looking for Tom Arnold, either (thank god).

RUMOR Duchovny will appear in only two episodes of the new season. False. While the Fox source confirms Mulder will ”disappear” after the first two segments of the next season, his absence will last only 8 or 9 episodes — after which he’ll return to finish his 11-episode commitment. Hopefully, he’ll make enough time for one more ”Red Shoe Diaries” cameo.