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July 14, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Mail from our readers

So much for digging it. Steve Daly’s story on the tense Shaft shoot prompted Errol Portmann of Coral Gables, Fla., to write: ”Reading about the trouble John Singleton had selling the movie to a studio reminds me of just how out of touch Hollywood really is.” Meanwhile, comic-book fans followed Ken Tucker’s comics-to-film article with their own take on why Hollywood can’t get it right. ”Comic writers and movie directors know what makes a great story and a compelling character — they just can’t seem to work together,” says Shawn Klosterman of Webb City, Mo. If only the Justice League held seminars.

I am in great shape for a 53-year-old woman, but I don’t think my heart can handle too many more of the type of covers you’ve had recently (David Duchovny, Tom Cruise, and now Samuel L. Jackson). You’re killin’ me! (But please don’t stop.)
Gail Saivar
San Diego

I read with great surprise the article entitled ”Who’s the Man?” by Steve Daly. Considering that I spent under a year cowriting Shaft with director John Singleton, I found it terribly odd that all of our labors were reduced to ”which another writer, Shane Salerno, had also taken a pass at.” The truth is that John and I, working and credited as a writing team, took more than a pass at the script for Shaft — even more than two or three passes. The Writers Guild of America agreed; that’s why they awarded John and me two credits, for solely creating the story of the final film and coauthoring the screenplay.
Shane Salerno
Screenwriter, Shaft
Los Angeles

I was excited to see your article on kindergarteners who kick ass, The Powerpuff Girls. When my husband and I first saw them while flipping channels, we thought they were cheesy fluff chicks and dreaded the day our infant daughter would watch them. But a friend of mine said he loved them, so I decided to give them a try. Now, we watch the show as a family every night. My 10-year-old neighbor and I even talk about episodes like I used to talk about Melrose Place. The creators nailed their target demographic, which is everyone, quite well!
Heather Boilanger-Dean

Finally! Some coverage of the great Bob Barker and The Price Is Right in the pages of EW. I’ve watched this show since I was a kid and tape it every day. TPIR is an institution, a true piece of Americana, and still more exciting and quirky than every other game show out there. And a lot of that has to do with Bob Barker — his dry wit and command of his craft lend an air of dignity to the proceedings.
George Fletcher
Newton, N.J.

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