Marc Bernardin
July 14, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Bite marks in an inflatable raft. Fingernails on a blackboard. A head popping through a crushed hull. ”I’ll never put on a life jacket again.” Bruce the shark rears his ugly head. ”Smile, you son of a….” The indelible moments in Steven Spielberg’s (and Hollywood’s) first true blockbuster, Jaws, float in the zeitgeist like buoys, ready to bob into mind at the slightest provocation. Fans have long been chumming the waters trying to lure a Jaws DVD to the surface, and their wishes have been granted with this spiffy 25th-anniversary edition. Sure, there are minor points to quibble over — the documentary is culled from the same footage that was included on the 1997 laserdisc boxed set, as were the deleted scenes and outtakes, and there’s no audio commentary — but just to have this flick on DVD, with a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix and anamorphic wide-screen transfer to boot, is enough to make a fella holler, Once more unto the beach, dear friends! B+

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