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Accessory storage

Accessory storage — Fashion brands from Dockers to Brooks Brothers now take cell phones and electronic organizers into account when designing clothes

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With cell phones and electronic organizers now a must-carry 24-7, the new dressing dilemma is where to stow the hardware. (Let’s face it: A guy who shoves all those gadgets into his pants pockets is gonna have some ‘splainin’ to do.) The solution is — more pockets. This month, Dockers unveils Hands-Free khakis, with two discreet pockets on the outer thigh for cell phone and PalmPilot. Conservative bastion Brooks Brothers is adding an interior cell-phone pocket to its SB3 business-casual suits, while Barneys NY suit pockets fit a PalmPilot. Does all this augur a new battle of the bulge? Not at all, says Barneys exec VP Tom Kalenderian. ”It doesn’t destroy the silhouette of the jacket.”