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New Sandra Bullock films

We look at the films ”Gun Shy” and ”Fire on the Amazon”

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And you thought Speed 2: Cruise Control blew. This month, two cinematic stiffs that Miss Bullock might rather see buried are coming back to haunt her. First up is Gun Shy, an unintentionally unfiznny misfire that casts her as a terminally perky nurse who hooks up with a nervous fed (Liam Neeson) after giving him an enema. This incoherent fiasco’s reels weren’t mixed up during its transfer to video; it just feels that way. Hot on its tail comes the environmental mystery Fire on the Amazon, which is notable for Bullock’s surprisingly tame sex scene with costar Craig Sheffer and the nine years it sat unreleased. The embarrassing thing is, junk king Roger Corman’s Fire is actually better than the Bullock-produced Gun. Well, at least it’s shorter.
Gun Shy: F
Fire on the Amazon: D-