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The It List

An introduction to our annual list of rising stars

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Someday, in the not too distant future, you may be reading ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY’s annual It List issue on an electronic e-gizmo no bigger than a postage stamp. Or maybe we’ll be uploading the magazine directly into your brain via a microscopic semiconductor surgically implanted in your cerebellum. Or — now, here’s a breathtaking high-tech concept — maybe the government will deploy an army of uniformed agents who’ll actually walk to your house and deposit the mag in a little box next to your front door. Hey, anything is possible. All we can say for sure is this: The paper-and-ink information delivery system you’re holding in your hands right now represents state-of-the-art technology in entertainment reporting today. In these pages, you’ll find the cutting edge of Hollywood circa summer 2000: the people, places, and things that are changing what you watch, listen to, and read. Some of the names here you’ll recognize (Neil LaBute, Tom Green, Sarah Jessica Parker), some of them you’ve probably never heard before (like ex-spy-turned-Internet entrepreneur Katrina Barillova), and some of them are about to become globally famous (like cover boy Hayden Christensen, who will play Anakin Skywalker in the next two Star Wars prequels). All of them, though, share one unifying quality: In one way or another, they represent the future of entertainment. And that future — no matter how it ends up being delivered — is what the It in It List is all about.


So, you think you have what IT takes? Well, if you’re a December-born non-smoker who doesn’t get much sleep, you might have a shot. Below, some stats culled from this year’s creative 100. (And if Latin isn’t a dead language — it is now.) ZODIAC SIGNS
Sagittarius 14% Scorpio 13% Libra 11% Aries/Capricorn/Virgo 28% Other 34%
French 38% Spanish 23% Latin 4% Other 35%
Oldest 35% Middle 24% Youngest 32% Only child 9%
Under 5 8% 5-6 56% 7-8 30% Over 8 6% SMOKING/NONSMOKING
Smokers 20% Nonsmokers 80%
Yes 71% No 29%
(Percentages based on those who responded.)


IT comes and IT goes, and IT comes back. Here, celebs on the way up — or down. Who’s Losing It
NICOLAS CAGE Can’t anybody afford to buy back his soul from Jerry Bruckheimer?
JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT AND NEVE CAMPBELL With their shows on the way out and horror flicks dying, these Party alums might be hurting for invites.
TOMMY LEE JONES Act craggy. Squander talent. Cash paycheck. Repeat.
ROSIE O’DONNELL Couldn’t the straight-talk queen be the don’t-talk queen once in a while?
TEEN POP Its demise is as inevitable as lyrics with the word “baby.”
BIOGRAPHY The well of subjects is running dry, considering that they’ve done Morgan Fairchild. Are they saving Joan Van Ark for sweeps?
MERCHANT-IVORY With The Golden Bowl underwhelming Cannes, they should make a period film set in the days when their films worked.
DAVID E. KELLEY Watch him write three series at once! Watch him write one of them well!
GWYNETH AND BEN’S RELATIONSHIP Who cares if they are or aren’t dating? Even Cupid wishes they’d stay away from each other.
The Anti-It: JAMES LIPTON The hyperbolically obsequious host of Bravo’s fawn-athon Inside the Actors Studio puts the ass in kiss-ass.

Who’s Getting It Back
BRUCE WILLIS The only action star of the ’80s who’s still relevant: Let’s hope The Kid doesn’t negate that statement.
NEIL YOUNG Rock aficionados knew he was perennially cool. But with the dazzling Silver & Gold and a harmonious CSNY reunion he reminded everyone else.
K-TEL Thanks to expertly chosen indie, techno, and hip-hop collections, the cheesy, screaming ’70s commercials are forgiven.
STEELY DAN With their own new album, Two Against Nature, and Ben Folds Five, Smash Mouth, and others covering their old tunes for the Me, Myself & Irene soundtrack… talk about no static at all.
RENÉE ZELLWEGER Divorcing herself from The Bachelor, she shines in Nurse Betty and should be a singular singleton in Bridget Jones’ Diary.
CHARLIE SHEEN Hey, hookers, start looking for temp work! He’s cleaned up and gotten a chance to re-flex his Hot Shots! comic muscles on Spin City.
CBS’s SURVIVOR finally lured younger viewers to the old folks’ network. Next step: Sending the Diagnosis Murder cast to a deserted island… and not taping it.
MICHAEL DOUGLAS His mismarketed Wonder Boys gets an Oscar-hopeful fall rerelease and he’s shooting Steven Soderbergh’s Traffic, all while fathering Catherine Zeta-Jones’ baby. Sorry, what’s the downside of aging again?
TENDER-AS-TOFU SINGER-SONGWRITERS Joseph Arthur, David Gray, Cat Stevens, and the late Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley: Once again the art of neither screaming nor having a dance routine gets the appreciation it deserves.
BRYAN ADAMS With Chicane’s hit dance remix of 1998’s “Cloud Number Nine,” he’s in heaven again.
WILLEM DAFOE As actor Max Schreck in the making-of-Nosferatu Cannes hit Shadow of the Vampire, his dramatic atonement for Speed 2 is complete.

Sandra P. Angulo, Scott Brown, David Browne, Rob Brunner, Clarissa Cruz, Steve Daly, Daniel Fierman, Matthew Flamm, Gillian Flynn, Bruce Fretts, Caryn Ganz, Jeff Gordinier, David Hochman, Dave Karger, Wook Kim, Allyssa Lee, Will Lee, Laura Morgan, Chris Nashawaty, Troy Patterson, Bianca Perlman, Brian M. Raftery, Lynette Rice, Joshua Rich, Erin Richter, Noah Robischon, Dalton Ross, Fred Schruers, Robert Schwartz, Craig Seymour, Tom Sinclair, Dan Snierson, Daneet Steffens, William Stevenson, Benjamin Svetkey, Corey Takahashi, Chris Willman, Fan Wong, Josh Young
Maggie Murphy, Cynthia Grisolia
Alice King